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The Emili Mira Center has extensive experience in healthcare and in teaching, as well as in providing assessment to organizations and to schools and other learning centers.

Since its beginnings The Emili Mira Center has worked committedly in the field of psychological care for children, teens and adults. The Center later extended its work to the diagnosis, support and treatment of couples and families. Therapeutic groups for parents have been conducted in the Center to offer assessment and counseling. The Center has also run groups to offer guidance to health and mental professionals.

The Center has also made specific contributions in the area of adoption, developing orientation and preparation tasks for the different steps of the process  before, during and after adoption.

Throughout the initial stages and during the consolidation of the Center´s long career, Emili Mira professionals carried out outstanding work giving seminars on leading authors in psychoanalytic thinking, supervisions, conducting workshops, courses and conferences for mental health professionals, teachers and social workers. Special mention should be made here of the seminars, counseling and supervision for different types of organizations, and most especially those done in collaboration with Dr. Jorge Thomas. The Center currently provides consulting to organizations and professionals in various health fields.

The Center has made significant contributions to various governmental institutions such as the Generalitat of Catalonia and as mental health services provider to insurance companies both national and foreign.

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