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The Emili Mira Center was founded in 1977 by a group of psychoanalytically oriented specialists - psychologists, psychiatrists and pedagogues - with the aim of providing psychological assessment and help for children and adolescents. Assistance was thereafter extended to adults, couples and families.

The Centre is named after Dr. Emili Mira i López (1896 –1964) who was a psychologist and psychiatrist, and one of the first advocates of psychodynamic views and practice in Catalonia. He was the director of both the Institut Pere Mata of Reus and the public psychiatric hospital in Sant Boi.

The Emili Mira Center is located, since 2003, in the Eixample district of Barcelona. The Emili Mira professional team consists of psychotherapists trained in the areas of psychology, psychiatry and medicine.

The CEM offers a broad range of assistance:

For children >

Childhood is a complex time of life in which periods of mental growth alternate with moments of regression and arrested development. Conflict may manifest itself in diverse ways.

For adolescents >

Adolescence is a time of radical emotional change and turbulence characterized by an identity crisis. Teenagers need to establish and to reaffirm themselves in a new identity. At this stage of life they put themselves to the test in order to do so.

For adults >

It is important to consult a specialist when ongoing emotional states of anxiety and personal dissatisfaction bring about a decline in the quality of life. Chronic anxiety and stress can cause diverse types of disorders.

For seniors >

Old age may cause an increase in anxiety related to the loss or lessening of the capacity for independent living. Life changes and losses suffered in personal relationships, as well as living with chronic illness can bring about feelings of vulnerability and irreversibility in the last stage of life.

For families >

Therapeutic work with families consists of a range of diverse interventions aimed at fostering emotional resources that make change and improvements in the family relationships possible.

For couples >

The relationship that a couple may have can bring much satisfaction but can also be a source of conflict and distress. Misunderstandings and lack of communication manifest themselves in suffering.

Pre and post orientation
for adoptive families>

Our assistance consists in providing information, assessment and preparation to those who wish to adopt babies or children. In our view, an adopted child carries within a very difficult burden of past experiences that adoptive parents are unaware of.

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