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Therapeutic work with families consists of a range of diverse interventions aimed at fostering emotional resources that make change and improvements in the family relationships possible.
Some of these therapeutic interventions are:

Work with parents

This kind of work includes family conflicts, whether they are adolescent issues, adoptions, bereavements, or any other such conflicts in which parents must be advised and otherwise aided in developing skills to enable them to properly treat the problem, beyond just in its behavioral and symptomatic aspects.


Intervention in conflictive situations that occur within the family group (mother-child, father-child, father-mother, siblings).

Brief interventions

This type of work is conducted with the whole family present and participating. It aims at specific conflicts that disrupt family communication and which are considered to be treatable in the short term, either because of the family´s willingness to receive this help or due to other circumstances.

Work with families

The profound scope of this type of work provides the opportunity and possibility for major changes within the family based on their recognition that they have problems as a family group. Therapeutic work is organized around their awareness of having difficulties with the aim of understanding the unconscious aspects that hinder family harmony.

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