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Adolescence is a time of radical emotional change and turbulence characterized by an identity crisis. Teenagers need to establish and to reaffirm themselves in a new identity. At this stage of life they put themselves to the test in order to do so. They must give up childhood privileges before actually becoming adults. This can generate a series of problematic behaviors and levels of anxiety that may manifest in the following ways:

- defiant behavior
- attention deficit
- hyperactivity
- putting themselves to the test, often in an excessive and aggressive way
- poor school performance
- passiveness or complete indifference
- irritability and aggressiveness
- eating disorders (obesity, anorexia, etc.)
- substance abuse (cigarette-smoking, excessive drinking, consuming cannabis, cocaine, opiates etc.)
- anxiety disorders (anxiety or panic attacks)
- sexual disorders (problems with sexual identity, promiscuity, etc.)

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