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Our assistance consists in providing information, assessment and preparation to those who wish to adopt babies or children. In our view, an adopted child carries within a very difficult burden of past experiences that adoptive parents are unaware of. Raising an adopted child is very different from having caring for a biological child. It is essential for both the parents and the adopted child to be adequately prepared.

The professionals in our center who specialize in adoption offer services such as clarification and on-going assessment to adoptive families the first year of the child´s life with his/her adoptive family in order to help build a strong foundation for the future welfare of all members of the family.

Therapeutic work helps to clarify contradictory feelings and suffering that may hinder a family project that began with great hope when the child was adopted.

Depending on the conflict that arises, interviews, as part of a short-term work program, can be offered to provide clarification to a family that is trying to deal with a specific problem. Long-term family therapy is offered when more all encompassing problems must be faced and treated.

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